Suggested Spoon Toppings

All suggested toppings are appropriate for not only the Edible Asians Spoons but also for the Petal Tartlets.

Cilantro Cumin Lime

  • Mortadella, mozzarella and tomato (pictured)

  • Black bean, goat cheese and cilantro/chipotle aioli

  • Duck, chili and mango

  • Roasted pork with fruit salsa, rosemary cilantro oil and chopped scallions or chives

  • Conch chili with lemon rind

  • Stone crab with papaya and black bean salsa

Cinnamon 5-Spice

  • Grilled Asian chicken, Asian street noodles and pickled ginger (pictured)

  • Fig with duck or prosciutto and caramelized onion crème fraiche

  • Lamb and mint pesto

  • Watermelon with feta cheese, balsamic reduction and parsley

  • Couscous salad topped with Mediterranean chicken

  • Vanilla panna cotta with almonds and fresh figs


  • Hot fudge sundae with strawberries (pictured)

  • Chocolate mousse and chocolate shavings

  • Chocolate ganache with whipped cream

  • Mango, jalapeno and brie

  • Honey dew and cantaloupe sorbets with raspberry purée, shaved coconut and coarse sugar

  • Red molé chicken with chopped red and green peppers

Coconut Curry

  • Spicy Indian eggplant and curried couscous (pictured)

  • Eggplant caviar

  • Bay shrimp and tropical salsa

  • Brie, apricot and bacon

  • Curried faro salad with peppadew, ginger, scallions, tomato, almonds, red onions and red wine vinegar topped with seared barramundi, red pepper purée and lime

  • Chicken tagine

Corn Lime

  • Seared peppercorn tuna with avocado penna cotta and soy caviar (pictured)

  • Salmon tartar with shaved fennel and parsley tossed in lemon chive vinaigrette

  • Black bean and grilled chicken salad

  • Achiote swordfish and chopped red pepper with papaya mint chutney

  • Lime ginger salmon

  • Burratta with chopped beets and watermelon, lemon oil and lemon zest


  •  Thanksgiving Dinner (pictured)

  • Seasonal berries with lemon orange sabayon

  • Various sorbets

  • Lemon shortcake with macerated strawberries, strawberry sauce and whipped cream

  • Kiwi fruit, pastry cream and chopped strawberries

  • Orange cranberry pecan bread pudding with milk jam and candied cranberries


  • Pumpkin mousse with candied cranberries (pictured)

  • Orange ginger mousse

  • Coconut shrimp with a banana date sauce

  • Caramel cheesecake with pineapple purée, candied ginger and whipped cream

  • Chocolate banana bread pudding with hard sauce

  • Rhubarb compote and whipped cream

Italian Herbs

  • Artichoke and red pepper relish (pictured)

  • Pesto chicken

  • Giardinera with lemon

  • Torched 'pizza'

  • Blueberry rosemary panna cotta with candied lemon

  • Free-form vegetable lasagna

Lemon Dill Corn

  • Smoked salmon, horseradish cream and lemon rind (pictured)

  • Salmon mousse

  • Truffled wild mushroom and chives

  • Poached shrimp with cocktail sauce and chopped parsley

  • Black bean, corn and tomato salad with grilled chicken

  • Seared cod with lemon dill sabayon and fried spinach

Parmesan Basil

  • Braised beef, mashed potatoes and peppadew (pictured)

  • Oven dried tomatoes with pesto goat cheese

  • Mozzarella with slivered garlic and fresh basil

  • Spaghetti 'nest' with miniature meat balls, marinara sauce and shaved parmesan

  • Caprése salad

  • Chicken piccata

Parmesan Black Pepper

  • Torched orzo macaroni and cheese (pictured)

  • Star anise carpaccio of beef with pink peppercorn/roquefort mousse

  • Sun-dried tomato and goat cheese

  • Carpaccio with green peppercorn mayonnaise

  • Parmesan crusted duck breast with red and green pepper onion relish and parsley garnish

  • Marinated bean thread noodles with chopped grilled shrimp


  • Vanilla cheesecake with fruit salsa (pictured)

  • Lemon mousse with candied pansies

  • Ale steamed mussels with smoked tomato relish

  • Smoked salmon, crème fraiche and lime zest

  • Blueberry cream 'pie' and lemon rind

  • Pecan/raspberry chicken salad

Poppy Seed

  • Pan seared cod fillet with curtido (beet relish) and kale (pictured)

  • Gorgonzola mousse, dried apricots and figs

  • Grilled scallops with Thai cream

  • Corned beef and cabbage with carrots and spicy Irish mustard

  • Warm fig, orange and caramelized onion purée with goat cheese mousse and candied orange zest

  • Chicken sate topped with chopped roasted peanuts

Sea Salt

  • Caramel sundae with whipped cream and chopped peanut brittle (pictured)

  • Vanilla custard with raspberries

  • Smoked trout or salmon with sour cream and chives

  • Roasted duck, avocado, red pepper jam and lemon zest

  • Blueberry compote with whipped cream, red currant purée and lemon zest

  • Seared cod with kimchee, sun-dried tomato relish and lemon

Wasabi Sesame

  • Bacon, lettuce and tomato (pictured)

  • Seared ahi tuna and wasabi caviar

  • Sesame seared rare ahi with rosemary and Thai lime leaf ponzu

  • Seaweed salad with seared tuna, chopped water chestnuts, horseradish cream and chopped wasabi peas

  • Roasted chicken with red pepper peanut sauce and chopped peanut garnish

  • Deconstructed sushi