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Miniature Size Spoon

Miniature Size

Plain Spoon in Case

Case Of Standard Edible Spoons
(432 Spoons)

Mini Spoon in Case

Case Of Miniature Edible Spoons
(600 Spoons)

Gluten Free Spoon

Gluten-Free Standard Size
Edible Spoon

Serving Platter

Serving Platter
for Edible Spoons

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Our Products


  • Our spoons are available in standard and mini sizes
  • Flavors cannot be mixed within a single sleeve
  • 18 flavors are available for both sizes
  • We offer gluten-free options of our standard size plain and chocolate spoons
Spoon Flavors

18 Flavors

Cilantro Cumin Lime | Chocolate | Coconut Curry | Corn Lime | Cornbread
Cranberry | Gingerbread | Italian Herb | Mint Chocolate | Parmesan Basil
Parmesan Black Pepper | Plain | Poppy Seed | Pretzel | Sea Salt | Toasted Coconut
Wasabi Sesame | White Chocolate

Our Packaging


  • Our products come in sleeves of either 36 for standard size or 50 for mini size
  • A case contains 12 sleeves
  • Our minimum order is 3 sleeves