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Our Story

At Edibles By Jack, our goal is to offer unique and innovative food items that make a difference, whether in a catering, restaurant or even in a home scenario. Our cornerstone product is the Edible Asian Spoon, the first ever recipient of the International Caterers Association's CATIE (Catered Arts Through Innovative Excellence) award for 'trend in the industry'. Years ago, it was a trend! Now, it is a mainstay of the catering and restaurant industries. ‘Currently, the Edible Asian Spoon is available in two sizes - Standard (5” long, 2.0”x1.5” bowl) and Miniature  (3.5” long, 1.5”x1.0” bowl) and fifteen delicious flavors. The Edible Asian Spoon is also available in a limited Gluten-Free line. The Edible Asian Spoon from Edibles By Jack is a shelf stable product with a six month shelf life if stored in a cool, dry place or it may be frozen.

New Product!!!

Introducing our one-bite tulip tartlets to the Edibles By Jack product line of delicious baked products.

Similar to the spoons, the petal tartlet is also a hand-crafted, shelf-stable product with a six month shelf life if stored in a cool, dry place (NOT in the refrigerator) or it may be frozen.

From the standpoint of a special event, all of our products may be topped (limiting liquid) two to three hours in advance of the event.  They may also be heated.

For special occasions, we are also happy to color the tartlets.