Petal Tartlets
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Petal Tartlets

Petal Tartlets

$25.00 per sleeve (.50 per tartlet) + shipping & handling.

The minimum order size for Petal Tartlets is 4 sleeves.

The case flavors may be mixed but flavors within a sleeve may not as it will compromise the flavor profile.

The suggested petal tartlet case pack is 600 tartlets (12 sleeves of 50 tartlets each - $300.00 plus shipping & handling) or 300 spoons (6 sleeves of 50 tartlets each - $150.00 plus shipping & handling).

  • $25.00
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    0.5 lbs
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  • Flavor
    Chocolate, Sea Salt, Poppy Seed, Plain, Parmesan Black Pepper, Parmesan Basil, Italian Herbs, Gingerbread, Cranberry, Corn and Lime, Corn, Dill and Lemon, Coconut Curry, Cinnamon, Cardamom & Five-Spice, Cilantro, Cumin & Lime, Wasabi Sesame